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Welcome to Dausy Artisan

Dausy Artisan presents a collection of handcrafted artisan soaps, skin care and bath products made of basic natural ingredients and enhanced by rich tropical butters, herbs and botanicals. We make all of our products in small batches to present and maintain a fresh, natural product.

Artisan Soaps
We handcraft all of our Artisan Soaps using a variety of pure, fresh ingredients. As a result, each soap loaf forms its own unique design and character as it is individually poured, sculpted and accented.  This individual attention to detail creates beautifully distinct soap in which no two loaves or slices look exactly alike.

Each Dausy soap has a tropical butter and/or a skin-nourishing oil added at the very end of the soapmaking process to introduce an extra moisturizing element to soften your skin every time you wash.

We have carefully formulated Dausy artisan soaps to moisturize and nourish your skin as they gently cleanse.  As in all true handmade, natural soaps, our soaps include their skin-softening glycerin.


Skin Care


Our Moisturizing Cremes are completely preservative free, consisting of a blend of fresh, pure oils and tropical butters formulated to hydrate and nourish your skin. All of our skin care products are preservative and paraben free with no added chemicals.


Bath Products


Our Artisan Brazilian Sea Bath Crystals and European Spa Bath Crystals will turn your hot bath into a cleansing, purifying mineral soak. Crystalline sea salt, moisturizing oils and select scents combine to give you a refreshingly scented, skin-softening bath experience. We blend all our bath products in small batches by hand to ensure freshness. All of our bath products are preservative and paraben free with no added chemicals.

Our products contain:

•  Pure saponified oils and tallow
•  Rich tropical butters
•  Premium botanicals & exfoliants
•  Earthen minerals and pigments
•  Select essential oils and phthalate-free fragrances
•  Skin-nourishing milks, gels and oils


A Brief History


Only after I had been making and selling traditional glycerin soap for 20 years did the Dausy Artisan line begin to unfold. At the beginning of a Fall gift-giving season, I was challenged by a couple of friends to venture into a new realm of soap making – keeping the same natural attributes of my original soaps, but enhancing it with fresh, new ingredients that would add a fun and artistic flair.


As I launched into the world of artisan soap, I began to explore ingredients that were not only hydrating and nourishing to the skin but that added an element of beauty. I didn't have to look far to find fresh, natural ingredients that not only created much creamier, skin-softening soaps, but also brought them alive with color and texture. After a few memorable experiments, (and suggestions from friends and fellow soap makers) we discovered that high quality, natural soap really could be a blank canvas awaiting splashes and swirls from a multi-dimensional artistic palette – fresh seasonal fruits and veggies, fine minerals and clays, tropical butters, good-for-your-skin botanicals, gentle exfoliants, pure essential oils, select phthalate-free fragrances, milks, gels and specialty oils – the possibilities (and combinations) seemed endless. One loaf of soap ultimately leads to another, and now here we are months later, down the road with over a dozen varieties and creating more as each new season's bounty brings fresh ideas.


My previous experience as a wedding cake decorator contributed to some unique finishing touches as I discovered that if you lingered a little over each batch, the tops of the loaves could be sculpted like thick, buttercream icing or sprinkled with botanicals. In the end we found that, as with all artistry, each batch and even each bar is unique, with no two exactly the same. Once we mastered soap, we turned our attention to moisturizing butters and ointments. And then why not add sensational bath products . . . scented salt crystals in a rainbow of colors . . . refreshing herbal bath teas . . . the variety is endless!


Try our signature Ocean Spray soap with it's blue and aqua pigments swirling amidst a sprinkling of salt from the Dead Sea. Or try one of the standard favorites that folks love year 'round (Lavender Fields and Tropical Coconut never seem to lose their appeal). Check back monthly for our seasonal options – order your Raspberries & Roses, made while raspberries are fresh. And don't let the holiday season come around without Cranberries & Evergreen on hand. Waiting in the wings, there will always be a new composition as each season reminds us of all the fun and rewarding elements that the garden, orchard, woodlands, forest and meadows have to offer.


The End Result - Wholesome, Natural Soaps & Skin Care


In a world where the vast majority of skin care products are laced with chemicals and 'unpronouncables' (often included in products simply to expedite production, lengthen shelf life and improve shipping resilience), we learned that we could create wholesome, natural soaps and nourishing skin care products that are completely preservative- and paraben-free. Each product is made from scratch in small batches to promote freshness. All of our soaps are crafted using the cold-processed method with several weeks of curing to better maintain the properties of our gentle ingredients.


When in central Texas, stop by and see our current selections at:


The Barn at Homestead Craft Village
608 Dry Creek Road
Waco, Texas 76705
Monday through Saturday 10 am to 6 pm

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